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BABOR ReVersive Facial is time reversive skin care with the revolutionary Re-Youth Complex. Founded in 1956 by Dr. Michael Babor, BABOR began with a black rose – the symbol of consummate beauty. Family owned and made in Germany, BABOR focuses on developing precision formulas that use active ingredients that perfectively coordinate and ensure the best possible results for your skin.

BABOR Anti-aging ReVersive with ultra-effective Re-Youth Complex contains four high-performance active ingredients that includes Telovitin (retains and extends cell life cycle), The BABOR Rose (essences of the rose lend the products their incomparable aroma), Lumicol (reclaims lost radiance and luminosity) Agicyl (reactivates the skins anti-aging mechanism), and Epocyl (recontours and visibly smooths).

Our facial starts with a peel, followed by specific massage techniques to lift, firm and relax muscles deep down. Complete the treatment with a hand exfoliation and massage. Instant visible results, smoother and firmer skin, refined complexion, skin tone and a renewed youth appearance.

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